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Broxie Short w/lace

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Broxie Short

Shown in Fleur-de-lis
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Broxie Mid w/lace

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Broxie Mid

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What’s in a name?

In South Africa, where I grew up, the word “broekies” (pronounced “brookies”), is a funny and casual Afrikaans word for girls underwear. Classic broekies were roomy and comfortable…Just not that stylish.

Broxies are kind of like broekies, but with added “moxie” –
confidence, spirit and fearlessness!

Broekies + Moxie = Broxies


south africa1

“I’m a modern mom who knows that girls can do anything boys can do…they just need Broxies!”



Broxies were born out of need.

The Challenge:

How could I give my daughter the freedom to play in her favorite skirts and prevent her from accidentally flashing her underwear – or worse! For active girls, or even for girls sitting cross-legged in a classroom, this is a real concern. I knew there had to be an answer. But there wasn’t!

Trials and Tribulations:

Not wanting to restrict my girl’s activities, or heaven forbid (!), her fashion choices, my initial solution was to dress her in short leggings or spandex shorts that went over her underwear. An extra layer, however, presents its own set of issues:• Going potty – dress up, pants down, underwear down, aim correctly. At all costs, avoid letting any part of child or clothing touch anything gross. Wipe. Then in reverse, underwear up, pants up, dress down. “Sheesh, isn’t this too much to coordinate for a kid?”

• Itchiness – enough said!
• Overheating – two layers are too many in the summer
• Breathability – um, it’s a girl thing
• The wallet factor – layer $ + layer $ = $$
• And the most important one – “I don’t wanna wear the shorts over!” add whining.









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