My newly potty trained daughter had a bad habit: she loved lifting up her dress to proudly show off her underwear. “See! Big Girl underwear!” And they did see! And we cringed!

By the time she stopped showing off her undies, she’d discovered twirling. The results were pretty much the same.

Broxies was inspired by my spunky kid who is as active and adventurous as her big brother. She loves to wear dresses and skirts, but is oblivious as to why they’re not suitable attire for somersaulting!



Why every girl needs Broxies!

The Obvious Reasons:

• They are extremely comfortable

• They keep her covered up

• They are made from breathable cotton fibers

• They are durable and well made, with love xo

• They are an all-in-one solution. She won’t need to wear
shorts over her undies anymore!!

• They are wedgie-proof!

• They are so cute – she will want to wear them!

• They just make sense ☺

Other Reasons:

• Because she simply HAS to wear a dress to the playground!!

• Because sometimes it’s windy out!!!

• Because she loves to twirl!

• Because girls like to slide down a pole like firefighters too!

• Because public bathrooms are challenging enough without the 4-part
coordinated effort usually involved when wearing dresses,
underwear, and a covering layer.

• Because she randomly lifts up her dress…oops!

• Because she squats to examine flowers, bugs, wads of gum…

• Why should she NOT play soccer in a tutu?!


I started paying attention to what other girls were wearing … at my children’s school, restaurants, playgrounds, grocery stores, on play dates. MY KID WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THIS PROBLEM!!!

Young girls are wearing all sorts of pants — bike shorts, skimpy “boy shorts”, leggings, even boys’ boxer briefs — under their dresses! Or we get to see their underwear. Also, it was not just toddlers…girls of all ages are having issues.