Recipe for Broxies


Broxies aren’t just a pair of fancy-schmancy underpants for kids.  Aside from being the only patented all-in-one underwear and shorts on the planet, we put a lot of thought and care into how we make them.

Comfort is everything. As a parent you know that sometimes even the tiniest irritating detail can cause your little one to insist on removing their shirts/shorts/underwear/socks/shoes THAT INSTANT.

So we set out to make the comfiest and highest quality product we possibly could.

We start with a super-soft premium 95% cotton 5% stretch fabric made in Los Angeles. Our material undergoes the strictest quality testing to ensure that it stands the test of time. Our Broxies are going to survive longer than your favorite T-shirt without shrinking, fading or pilling and will still have the same amount of springy softness as the first day.

We sourced the softest elastic available for the waistband and seams so that it would lay flat against the skin without any of that squirmy digging-in feeling. Broxies are tagless and wedgie-proof for maximum comfort and all of our raw materials are constructed to make sure that Broxies don’t constrict or confine.

We then assemble Broxies in a socially-responsible factory in Costa Rica that employs the highest safety and operating standards. Each pair is hand-sewn by a skilled seamstress using a sewing machine to ensure uniform stitching for maximum durability.

Layering shorts or leggings over underwear is an uncomfortable and more costly solution to keeping our girls covered. We spent years designing the perfect all-in-one solution for adventurous girls everywhere. Broxies are perfect for under skirts, dresses, school uniforms, princess attire, sports shorts and everything in between.  We hope your family enjoys them as much as we do!